Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

Bud Spencer 2010

Morning everybody... Last day in this decade. Future starts tomorrow. So time now to remember one of my heroes from the past: Bud Spencer.
I think between the age of 6 to 12 I spent half of my pocket money for seeing his movies. As a tribute to Bud, I started a project some months ago, keeping announcing to my friends from the Vinyl Toy Therapy Group, that I'll gonna make a Bud Spencer Figurine. Well enough of bullsketching: here are some real sketches and a rough 3D model. I like the grim look of the sketch - It's not in the 3D yet, but I hope it will be. The pose is inspired by Buddy smacking someone from "Lo Chiamavano Trinita" (zu deutsch "Die rechte und die linke Hand des Teufels").

Enjoy and Cheers...

Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2009

too late for christmas greetings

...we bought some nice figurines from a 80 year old german toy designer. Could have been a nice christmas gift for our clients. But damn it! There was too much stress in the office...

the magic electric cube!!!

For the last weeks i've been working on a prototype that's a bit more complicated than the last ones...
It's a dice that has leds on each side which change the colour when you turn it around.
First i tried to develop my own 3-d ball switch (to detect wich side is up) but it didn't really work. So i decided to use some tilt-switches instead. The prototype is much smaller now...

But the main task is programming th microcontroller (it's an "arduino"). The only programming i've ever done was BASIC, like:
10   print "wer das liest ist doof"
20   go to 10
hmmm... i should have taken this more serious.
Detecting which side is up already works...

Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot: The Kickspoon!

Today we invented some new soccer mechanisms - i think we did minimum 40 of them since our founding and hold utility patents on two of them. The other 38 will make a nice art book one day...
So here's a new one for our "soccer-toy art book":
The kickspoon is ment as a promotional gimmick for instant coffee. If anyone from the instant coffee industry should ever read this, just give us a call. (Actually it doesn't work very well - but this can be solved).

Montag, 23. November 2009


Saturday morning my son and me went to our workshop to build him a "playmobil" ropeway out of PMMA sheets. The parts looked beautiful and shiny when they came out of our laser cutter. During assembling it got its "authentic" (= the self made) look. My son's impatience was a real obstacle for accurate glueing.
After that we went downtown for a currywurst lunch break. We spent the afternoon lifting all kinds of people, cars, dinosaurs up the bunk bed. The ropeway crashed several times and in the end we taped it with TESA.
Next project is either a cardboard plane, an oven or a barn.

Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

I love Miyazaki

A walk through the woods yesterday reminded me of some Mononoke scenery. May be is a sign to look through my Ghibli Collection again.

Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

Foxy figurine

Isn't he's cute? A painted just-for-fun-prototype...

Milling is fun!

Since we did this "Wickie" modelling job for Kinder Surprise we decided to mill Sven (the evil guy) - out of an oak-block.

Salt & Pepper Moustache

Here's a painted prototype of Carstens Salt & Pepper device...

Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

Alienated silhouettes

This was just for fun. We made some paper-lasercuts for the annual exibition... if you have any idea what kind of product this could be, please tell me.

Magic frame

It's magic! You turn the wheel and the images change. Casten called this one "logos of my life"...

 This is the moving image behind the grid...

the wild, coloured bunch...

Some paperweight-items - this is just a test-toy to get some experience with concrete casting...

The big robo looks fine to me, but is too complicated to cast...
I'm gonna design a new version... some of these days...

thieving magpie

Store youre rings and necklaces.
You don't want to hide your jewels, do you?


Carsten invented this transformer-toy. The bembel (a pitcher for frankfurt's traditional "Apfelwein") becomes a bird-robo...

Simple Lifeform - finished

Kirsten decided to give it a smoother surface. Here are some pictures of the paintet prototype. There are even unvisible magnets inside (to lock the two halfs)...

Laborproben 11

Once again we were a part of the annual exibition of the LABOR. Again, it was quite packed..
Here's a photo of our display cabinet...

Freitag, 25. September 2009

Simple Lifeform

For simple lifeforms it's all about eating and shitting. We made a 3D sculpture out of Kirsten Fabinski's brilliant illustration. Buy her extremly hot T-shirts at Palmercash.
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Donnerstag, 17. September 2009

Gueststar of the week: MATZ

We are soooo busy these days. So our friend Matz ( visits us for some days to support our Rhino modelling army.

Montag, 14. September 2009

Penholder character

old project from 2008: a merchandise penholder. Modelled in Sensable Freeform, printed in Wax on our Solidscape BT66. Each side of the prototypes prints about 120 hrs. Damn - we' re so accurate...

Sonntag, 13. September 2009

Milling Salt & Pepper

Roland prototyping pmma like butter. 4 sided milling of a salt & pepper set. See the full design at our coming inhouse show in october...

Mittwoch, 9. September 2009

Athena in Schoko

Digitale Schokolade für unseren Kunden "Liebieghaus". In Zusammenarbeit mit Konica Minolta, Cebas, Bitter & Zart u.a.

Dienstag, 8. September 2009

Erste Modelle

Hier ein paar gefräste Produkte (noch ungefinished)...

Dienstag, 1. September 2009

Roland der Mächtige

Neues Superteil in unserer Werkstatt: Eine 4-Achsen Fräse von Roland. Viele Knöpfe und Schrauben!!!